Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst

Bold thinking, breakthrough action.


Founded in 2021, Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst is a global community of public and private sector innovators, visionaries, scientists, policymakers and entrepreneurs – Catalysts –  who are radically reshaping the new economy. Catalysts are at the leading edge of technology and policy, working across borders to transform both business and government, and build a more equitable and sustainable global economy in real time.

Each year Catalysts are recognized for their work in 6 breakthrough areas – these areas represent Bloomberg New Economy’s take on the most talked about topics, emerging trends and breakthrough innovations on the global agenda.


Agriculture: Feeding the World

How will the world feed nine billion people by 2050 without hastening climate catastrophe?

Digital Finance: Inclusive Growth

Could digital currencies and financial services represent the future of money or better yet, a means to achieve greater financial inclusion?

Learning: Fulfilling Human Potential

How can innovation fuel human achievement and potential, by balancing equitable access to education and workforce re-skilling?

The Green Transition: Transport, Industry & Energy

Can investments in green technology reduce carbon emissions, while promoting growth and human development in the emerging world?

Life Sciences: Future of Health

How could a life-sciences revolution transform our approach to public health and human existence itself?

Space: Improving Life on Earth

Will the next breakthroughs in space help us reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals, proving to be the solution to humanity and the planet’s greatest challenges?

Selection Criteria

We look for visionaries at every stage of their journey – from promising start-ups to unicorns as well as policy-makers and thought leaders driving the global conversation. The Catalyst community is unique in that it brings together the individuals shaping our world now, alongside those who will build our future. All Catalysts are evaluated and selected by our editorial team based on their achievements in:


  • Developing leading-edge technologies that have global applications — with special emphasis on the emerging world
  • Advancing policy ideas that help government work more efficiently, accelerating the public-sector changes needed to build a more inclusive economy
  • Galvanizing the private sector to invest and monetize new ideas, embracing new possibilities in emerging markets and around
    the world
  • Leading forward-thinking organizations, initiatives and ideas that can create a more inclusive future

Who we Look For

We are committed to building a diverse community that is gender balanced with over 50% of the community coming from/or based in emerging markets. Within the breakthrough areas, we look for individuals who meet our selection criteria and represent:


  • What Matters: The innovative thought leaders – policy-makers and entrepreneurs, shaping the conversation in these areas
  • What’s Next: The disruptors – the policy leaders and entrepreneurs who are pioneering new models, initiatives and innovations
  • What If: The moonshots – the visionaries, scientists and entrepreneurs reimagining what is possible and what the future could look like


Bloomberg New Economy provides each Catalyst with tailored opportunities to scale and accelerate their work through a year-round program of events, networking and thought-leadership engagements. Benefits include:


  • Recognition as a Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst
  • Invitation to the launch of Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst 2022
  • Year long media and visibility opportunities
  • Invitation to the Annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum
  • Quarterly leadership briefings
  • Access to a global community of influential world leaders

Meet the 2021 Catalysts

The 2021 class of Bloomberg New Economy Catalysts was composed of 31 leaders from 18 countries. The inaugural cohort was selected for their achievements in climate, agriculture, bio-tech, e-commerce, space and digital money.  


Sam Bankman-Fried

Sam Bankman-Fried

Founder and CEO FTX
Abasi Ene-Obong

Abasi Ene-Obong

Founder and CEO 54gene
Sarah Hanson-Young

Sarah Hanson-Young

Senator for South Australia
Ma  Jun

Ma Jun

Founding Director Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs
Sara Menker

Sara Menker

CEO and Founder Gro Intelligence
Matias Muchnick

Matias Muchnick

Founder and CEO NotCo
Aurélia Nguyen

Aurélia Nguyen

Managing Director, Office of the COVAX Facility Gavi
Elizabeth Rossiello

Elizabeth Rossiello

Founder and CEO AZA Finance

Learn More

Discover what each Catalyst is working on by watching these QuickTake videos or by listening to their interviews and discussions from the 2021 virtual event – Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst 2021.