Climate change

Address physical climate risk

The challenge

Climate change will cost trillions of dollars in coming years, damaging supply chains and communities. Capital investment is needed to make assets resilient. Investors and companies lack a methodology to forecast risk exposure (e.g., connecting weather projections to potential damage), leading to market and corporate uncertainty.

Our solution

Address physical climate risk, by developing public goods that help companies, owners, and investors understand and manage exposure

We are engaging a thought leadership group and building a private sector coalition to:

Identify the primary challenges and required support for the global private sector to effectively address physical climate risk

Create assets (as defined by the thought leadership group) as a public good to help companies identify and address climate risk, such as an online case study library or digital interactive hazard maps

Become a part of the solution

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Share how you assess physical climate risk exposure today and what challenges you face

Join the thought leadership group to contribute to shaping a public good that enables collective action on physical climate risk by the global private sector

Codify your risk identification and disclosure-related actions, outcomes, and learnings into written case studies to inform a potential public resource of best practice sharing

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