Enable access through secure digital forms of ID

The challenge

In many developing markets, people without formal government IDs are unable to prove their identity, limiting their access to all kinds of opportunity, with women and the poorest 40% most affected. Biometric technologies can provide identification, authentication, and privacy, but adoption rates are low in many countries

Our solution

Expand access through secure digital forms of ID, extending biometric technologies for functional identification, authentication, and privacy without requiring official documents

Our coalition will extend biometric identification technologies to improve access to basic services, focusing first on sub-Saharan Africa:

Accelerate the deployment of biometric identification technologies that are interoperable, privacy-enhancing, and user-centric

Encourage the development of secure biometric identification applications for delivering last-mile services in domains such as humanitarian aid, health, education, government benefits, and micro-commerce

Become a part of the solution

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Prioritize among potential applications of biometric verification technology to expand access to services in sub-Saharan Africa

Commit to distributing one of these applications of biometric verification technology as an implementing partner; you’d support technology development, build local connections with end users, provide financial support, and/or facilitate government buy-in

Integrate digital biometric verification and digital identity into your business operations

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Mastercard’s Humanitarian & Development group develops and scales products and solutions for underserved populations. The team is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that streamlines access to education, health, commerce, and other vital services for the most vulnerable communities. By working in collaboration with governments, NGOs, and other companies, the team uses the best of the private sector to drive social impact and disruptive, inclusive innovation.

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