Prepare workers for the New Economy

The challenge

Many workers whose jobs are threatened by automation, innovation, and cross-border competition lack the training, support, and mobility to transition to other industries in the new economy.

Our solution

Support, empower, and equip workers in a changing employment landscape.

Become a part of the solution

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Identify skills gaps and roles in your organization that are challenging to fill – we can develop a program to fill that pipeline with highly motivated, trained talent

Identify imminent layoffs – we can partner with you to give those employees the opportunity to reskill and enter new careers where there is demand

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About Generation: Generation is an employment non-profit with a dual mission: to support disconnected people to build thriving, sustainable careers and to provide employers the highly skilled, motivated talent they need to improve business outcomes. Generation’s primary focus to date has been on recruiting, training, and placing young adults in jobs – with 30,000 graduates globally in 12 countries. The organization has recently extended its work through ReGeneration, a program to close the skills gap for mid-career employees whose jobs have been displaced due to automation and digitization, or who are returning to the workforce after a hiatus.

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