Climate change

Advance smart cities

The challenge

Smart technologies have emerged as high-potential solutions to improve urban quality of life, in domains such as healthcare and sustainability. Smart technology could improve quality of life indicators by 10-30%. However, municipal governments lack the skills, technology and capacity to deliver smart cities on their own.

Our solution

Advance smart cities, by accelerating the adoption of smart technologies in large, developing cities

We are building a multi-stakeholder coalition to address barriers faced by companies and city governments in deploying smart technologies.

Become a part of the solution

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Share information about promising opportunities for public-private collaboration in developing smart city applications in eight domains: mobility, healthcare, energy, water, waste, economic development, community engagement, and safety & security

Compile and disseminate best practices on smart city technologies such as in data management, governance structure, and approaches to financing promising applications

Provide programmatic support, such as technical and financial advisory services and talent development, to cities seeking to deploy smart city technology

Contribute your knowledge of smart city best practices and solutions

Share information on smart city collaboration opportunities in major cities

Collaborate with peer companies in developing programs to support deployment of smart city technologies

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