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New ideas, markets, and technologies are reshaping our world.

Unprecedented global challenges and deepening divisions threaten global prosperity. In an increasingly fractured world, collaboration is the only way we can emerge stronger.

Bloomberg New Economy Forum enables global leaders from East and West to come together to forge common ground, establish deep personal connections, and chart the course toward a new economy with a sustainable, inclusive future.

“The more we work together, the stronger we’ll emerge from the pandemic and the brighter the future will be – and that’s what the New Economy Forum is about.” Read more

– Michael R. Bloomberg

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November 16-19, 2020

New Economy Forum

The annual forum returns in 2020, convening the world’s most influential leaders to collaborate, debate, and find common ground to shared challenges.

Solutions for an inclusive future

Our solutions initiative focuses on supporting the private sector to create, catalyze, and implement actionable solutions.

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