Unlock inclusive trade

The challenge

Small and medium companies in emerging markets lag behind large corporations in access to international trade. This inequality is worsened by trade wars and slowing trade growth globally. Digital marketplaces can help lower the barriers to access trade networks and growth markets

Our solution

Unlock inclusive trade, by giving smaller companies in emerging markets greater access to global trade networks, new markets, and payment platforms

The first crucial step is launching our global survey to understand the barriers SMEs and MNCs face. Please share your experience by participating in the survey (<20 minutes).

Our coalition will focus on both demand and supply dimensions:

On the demand side, the coalition will identify opportunities for large companies to adopt more inclusive procurement practices to increase purchasing from SMEs in developing countries

On the supply side, the coalition will utilize digital platforms to improve SME access to information, develop SME capabilities, and create marketplaces for SMEs to connect with potential business partners

Become a part of the solution

Write us at

Share your experience sourcing from SMEs in developing countries

Commit to greater sourcing of goods and services from SMEs in developing countries

Contribute to a capability-building initiative for SMEs, including development of educational modules and launch of a mentorship pilot

In collaboration with

A global trade ecosystem to harmonise and facilitate inclusive and trusted trade. The GTPA is a global trade organisation dedicated to the development of international standards to harmonise and facilitate inclusive and trusted trade. GTPA works with organisations to: Build competency and proficiency in the conduct of international trade; Create and facilitate global business networks to advance international trading opportunities; Establish a trusted international trading environment reinforced by ISO standards. We are the global body for standards on international trade, including: ISO/IEC 17024 for global trade professionals, ISO/IEC 17065 for global trading businesses, and ISO/IEC 17065 for global consulting services.

and our coalition

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