Jan 26, 2021


Bloomberg New Economy Conversations with Andrew Browne

The Backlash to Big Tech

January 26, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the rise of the digital economy, concentrating even more wealth, market power and political influence in the hands of a small group of tech entrepreneurs. Now comes the backlash. Around the world, regulators are planning measures to rein in Big Tech in ways that reflect their own priorities. Chinese authorities fear the political challenge from tech giants; U.S. concerns center around misinformation; Europe is focused on competition. Will a more tightly regulated digital economy continue to deliver growth and innovation? How will consumers benefit? And who should be the arbiter of free speech on the internet?

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Mitchell  Baker

Mitchell Baker

Chief Executive Officer Mozilla Corporation
Duncan Clark

Duncan Clark

Chairman, BDA China; Author, 'Alibaba: The House that Jack Ma Built'
Richard Edelman

Richard Edelman

Chief Executive Officer Edelman
Karen Kornbluh

Karen Kornbluh

Senior Fellow and Director, Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative German Marshall Fund of the United States
Katherine  Maher

Katherine Maher

Chief Executive Officer Wikimedia Foundation
Andrew Browne

Andrew Browne

Editorial Director Bloomberg New Economy

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