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A Message from Michael R. Bloomberg

The world is at a pivotal moment. The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the global economy at a time when other major economic challenges – like climate change and protectionism – continue to grow. Tens of millions of jobs have been lost due to the virus, while young people around the world have had their academic studies and career prospects thrown into disarray. And the pandemic’s toll – both in lives lost and economic hardship – has been worsened by racial and economic inequality, longstanding problems that we cannot accept and that require urgent action.

The pandemic has shaken every region and every industry. But if government and business leaders work together, and act wisely, our response to this crisis can also help us address many other pressing global challenges that existed before the pandemic hit.

That’s the goal of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum. It brings leaders from across industries and regions together to collaborate and share ideas – and build support for policies and partnerships that have the potential to lift up economies and move us all forward. And it’s a chance for business leaders to make their voices heard at a time when governments are mobilizing enormous sums of money to deal with the economic fallout from the pandemic – and making decisions that will shape the course of the future for decades to come.

For instance: By making new investments in clean energy and mass transit we can make major inroads in the fight against climate change and air pollution while also creating new jobs and driving economic growth. By investing in communities that have been hardest hit by the pandemic, we can reduce poverty, fight racial injustice, and ensure equal access to quality health care and other critical resources. And if countries work together to support scientific and research partnerships, we can spur innovation and advances that save and improve lives.

In other words: This crisis can be a turning point that leads to a stronger, more sustainable, and more equitable global economy and a brighter, healthier future. It’s an unprecedented opportunity – and we must seize it.

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