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Bloomberg New Economy Special Report from Bloomberg Economics

Bloomberg New Economy Special Report from Bloomberg Economics: Getting Well, Sticking Together, Owning the Future

Getting Well, Sticking Together, Owning the Future, the title of this year’s Bloomberg Economics report for the New Economy Forum, speaks to the three biggest challenges facing the world today.

First, getting well by spurring recovery from the Covid-19 recession. We’ve built high-frequency alternative indicators to track the depth of the downturn and pace of recovery, analyzed the risks and returns from stimulus, and thought through what it all means for the role of central banks. As the world absorbs the lessons of the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve also considered how the Federal Reserve could set policy with a focus on the gap between Black and White unemployment.

Second, sticking together by guarding against the risk of the U.S. and China decoupling. We explore the costs to growth if the world’s two biggest economies go their separate ways. Teaming up with analysts at Bloomberg Intelligence and BloombergNEF, we examine the finance, trade, technology, and sustainable energy dimensions of the relationship, and what happens in each of those areas if it breaks down.

Third, owning the future. We model GDP growth out to 2050 for the world’s major advanced, emerging, and frontier economies. Starting from that baseline, we explore scenarios for geopolitics, climate change, globalization, and technology, and what megatrends in those areas mean for the size of the global economic pie and how it’s divided up.

Taken together, we believe the research gathered in this volume represents the best of Bloomberg Economics. We hope it can shed light and fresh perspective on global debates on these vital issues and on the conversation among leaders and opinion formers at this year’s very special online New Economy Forum.

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