Bloomberg New Economy Conversations with Andrew Browne

Vaccine Miracles and the New Promise of Science

March 23, 10 am ET

Big Pharma, allied with cutting-edge biotech companies and supported by governments, just delivered a modern scientific miracle: not one but multiple vaccines against Covid-19 — and in record time. This was a moonshot compressed into a few months, accelerated by unprecedented collaboration between rival pharma giants and featuring large numbers of female scientists — many of them immigrants. The victory could help incentivize big pharma to produce more medicines for all rather than pricey remedies for niche diseases. What lessons can be learned from what is arguably the biggest scientific breakthrough of the 21st century? Can successful public-private partnerships be replicated to accelerate other moonshot initiatives?

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Janice Chen

Janice Chen

Co-founder and CTO Mammoth Biosciences
Katalin Karikó

Katalin Karikó

Senior Vice President BioNTech
Rodrigo Yáñez

Rodrigo Yáñez

Undersecretary of International Economic Relations Chile
Andrew Browne

Andrew Browne

Editorial Director Bloomberg New Economy

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